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Create your own layer on top of ChatGPT

In this Article we are going to see how we can put a layer on top of ChatGPT and ask questions about that data

Generating UUID v4 and v5 with React

In this Article we are going to see how to generate UUID v4 and v5 on a React application

What is the difference between primary and secondary ports in Hexagonal Architecture

In hexagonal architecture, a primary port is a boundary interface that defines the interactions between the outside world and the application core, while a secondary port is a boundary interface that defines the interactions between the application core and any external collaborators that it depends on.

What is base64 and how does it work ?

Base64 is a binary-to-text encoding scheme that represents binary data in an ASCII string format by translating it into a radix-64 representation

Algorithms and data structures overview and study guide

Algorithms and data structures are fundamental concepts in computer science that are frequently tested in job interviews. Understanding these concepts is crucial for any software engineer, as they form the basis for designing and implementing efficient solutions to a wide range of problems.

Everything you need to know about system design

System design is the process of designing and implementing a system that meets the requirements of a given problem or task. It involves the creation of a plan for the system, as well as the selection of the technologies and components that will be used to build it. System design is a critical step in the development of any software, hardware, or other complex system, as it helps to ensure that the final product will be efficient, scalable, and able to meet the needs of its users.

What is the actual difference between Unit Tests, Integration Tests and End-to-End tests

Unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests are all important tools for ensuring the quality and reliability of software. However, these types of tests serve different purposes and are used at different stages of the software development process.

What is evolutionary database design, and how it differs to traditional database maintenance

Evolutionary database design is a method of designing and developing a database that allows for changes and adaptations over time, this approach is in contrast to traditional database design

What are serverless applications and what are its advantages

Serverless applications, also known as 'serverless computing' or 'function as a service (FaaS)', are a type of cloud computing model where the cloud provider is responsible for executing code in response to specific events or triggers.

What is Infrastructure as Code (IAC) and what are it's advantages for software delivery agility

Infrastructure as code (IAC) is a method of managing and provisioning computer systems and networks in a standardized and automated way, but what are its real advantages?

Continuous delivery, Continuous integration, TDD and Trunk based development, 4 key concepts for Agile software development

Continuous delivery and continuous integration are software development practices that are designed to help organizations rapidly and reliably deliver new software updates to their users. These practices are often combined with test-driven development and trunk-based development to provide a powerful and efficient software development workflow.

What is Low Code or No Code and how it is impacting software development

Low code is a term that refers to a type of software development platform that allows users to build applications without having to write extensive amounts of code.

Modern Software Architectures and Event Based Architectures

Even based architecture is on a trend nowadays, what event based architectures are and how we can leverage them?

What are the main differences between Clean Architecture and Hexagonal Architecture

These are the 2 most well known architectures approaches on the market at the moment but what are the actual differences between them?

You don't need Clean Architecture or Hexagonal Architecture

Achieving good quality architecture and code does not require applying the latest buzzing-cool architecture proposals, I will explain you why.
TL;DR you just need to understand the concepts and apply them to your own architecture

Creating a static website and hosting it for free in less than 5 minutes in Azure

Deploying a host free static website on Azure in just 2 minutes

It will work for React pre compiled, Vue, Angular and static web pages

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